Smartsub four.2

SmartSUB 4.2The SmartSUB four.2 is an innovative development: A two persons submersible which complies to all rules and guidelines in accordance to Class Societies.

The craft designed and produced by DMS-Unit in the Netherlands is used by professional bodies e.g. Government Agencies, Harbour Authorities and Scientists to name a few.
In not only serving the demand for new pleasures on board Super Yachts, the SmartSUB four.2 can also be used as an additional tender on their support vessels.

The SmartSUB four.2 is an epoxy composite submersible which is electronically limited to dive 650 feet deep. The recreational Super Yacht version is electronically limited to dive 160 feet deep.

The design of the SmartSUB four.2 is in accordance with the IMO Guidelines for Design, Construction and Operation of Passenger Submersible Crafts  and the relevant rules of the leading Class Societies apply. Classification is necessary, for which we co-operate closely with specialists in composite design and strength analysis for the pressure hull (HPV), the exostructure and the floaters.

The buoyancy of the craft is controlled by a combination of water ballast, a special air system and thrusters; all of which are electronically controlled.
The engines/thrusters are not only used for the propulsion of the SmartSUB four.2 but also combine to control the trim/depth during normal operation.
The HPV is accessible by a special hatch on top, which can be opened from both inside and outside. The materials used inside the HPV are flame retardant.
All necessary information to operate the craft are relayed via touch screen displays, which are accessible to both pilot and passenger. The craft is also fitted with a manual back up function which can be operated by the pilot or in the case of an emergency the passenger.

The submersible comes with two separate power systems:

• A 48VDC main system which powers the thrusters and maintains the workings of all other necessary functions.
• A separate emergency back-up system.

The life support function within the craft works on the principle of a rebreather system with a carbon dioxide absorption filter and oxygen supply. The two stage climate control provides cooling, heating as well as humidity within the HPV.

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